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The growth of online marketing is increasing every day to beat the higher competition in your business. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enters into the action to increase your website performance. A great way to increase your organic traffic and visibility on the search results is through SEO techniques.

Do you know that 95% of people use their phones to find the solution for searches through Google? And, nearly 70% of people ignore watching ads. This metric shows the importance of SEO which gives you a permanent result in website traffic.

Since there is a frequent update in the Google algorithm, a regular update to your SEO strategies is essential to growing your website. In this article, we are going to come up with the best SEO techniques to gain growth in your business.

1. Focus On User Experience

The recent ranking update by Google is the Core Web Vitals that came into action in June 2021. This update mainly focuses on the content that gains the user experience. Core Web Vitals measures the user experience for your page by taking a look at the following metrics:

  • The loading speed of your website
  • Your engagement rate to your audiences (i.e., responses)
  • Content stability

Google always focuses on providing the best experience to users. So, content with informative concepts gains the attention of audiences and boosts your ranking on the search results.

2. Utilize Internal Linking

Internal links help visitors to move on within your website. A perfect keyword with a higher search volume increases your traffic to your website. The internal links provide a higher opportunity to reach wider audiences. 

Do you know an interesting fact? Internal links remain the greatest pathway to increase your ranking on search results. It increases the visibility to large audiences and provides a better chance to showcase all your pages in the view of your audiences.

3. Focus On Entity-Based SEO

Entity-based SEO is creating great content to describe your business. Focus on engaging concepts and larger topics to gain accurate results from search engines. 

Nowadays, search engines grow every online business with semantic search functionality that provides solutions to user searches. Provide an engaging title and meta-description with keywords to increase your traffic.

When internal links increase, the domain authority increases with adding trustworthiness to your website. Generally, Google ranks your page if you get authority links from perfect guest blogging services, which helps to expand your website reach and growth. 

4. Update Your Existing Content

Keep your content fresh and updated to prioritize your website for your target audiences. Maintain your content as new as possible to gain the attention of potential audiences. Since search engine algorithms look for new and interesting content, it is necessary to monitor and update. 

Where to make changes to your website? Here are some bonus tips!

  • Update your blog posts to increase the traffic volume. Provide new information replacing the existing one.
  • Always add original content to your website.
  • Run a content gap analysis and fill the missing topics with your target keyword to increase the search volume.

5. Use Long-Tail Keywords & Drive Traffic

Long-tail keywords in highly competitive topics provide a great opportunity to drive organic traffic to your website. The terms having three or more words usually have lower traffic compared to short-tail keywords. So attractive content with long-tail keywords makes it easier for Google to rank higher.

Including a long-tail keyword satisfies the search intent and shows your website on the top searches. 

6. Optimize On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is an essential strategy in marketing to improve your user journey. People discover your page on SERP when your on-page SEO for your website is perfect. Follow the on-page SEO with perfect link-building techniques to consider your website by search engines.

Here are some tips to optimize your on-page SEO:

  • Detect the technical errors by running page speed insights regularly
  • Provide keywords in your title and description
  • Create a short URL
  • Include internal links
  • Update your images with captions
  • Increase readability

Final Thoughts

SEO requires huge effort and patience to improve your website performance. The above SEO strategies give a pathway to drive huge traffic and improve your reach. Implement it on your website and see the successful result in your business.

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Like TikTok, Instagram is also rolling out new features to help brands and creators to enhance their growth on social media platforms. Considering the competition of social media sites, Instagram reveals exciting features to grow your business. 

Generally, brands want to keep up with new trends and evolve with new concepts to gain the attention of their target audiences and win the competition. With more than one billion active users monthly, marketers are more likely to use the Instagram platform to target their audiences. But how to engage audiences? Instagram helps marketers to leverage new features to win the competitors and get new audiences.

Are you ready to look at the exciting updates of Instagram in 2022? Let’s get started!

#1. Make Inbox Partnership

Most brands and marketers miss the opportunity to increase their growth available on the Instagram inbox. Yes! With the partnership messages feature, Instagram helps popular creators and brands manage audience communication in one place.

Partnership messages are the sub-folder found on Instagram DMs. Using this feature skips the message request folder and provides them with a top priority which helps to find and manage content partnerships.

#2. Provide Links In Stories

At first, when the stories came into existence, users with about 10k followers only had the chance to include a link to their stories. But now, Instagram enables the feature to add links for everyone on the platform. 

Direct your followers to the required product pages or to your website simply by using the link stickers. The option is great for marketers whose aim is to increase traffic using Instagram.

#3. Visual Replies With Reels

Recently, Instagram announced a new feature to respond to your audience’s comments on reels. The users on Instagram can add a reply to reel comments with another engaging reel. 

Instagram keeps on introducing new ways to gain audience engagement. One among them is posting reel videos as comments for another user reel. Creating engaging content helps to increase Instagram likes for reels from reliable services that enhance your follower’s growth with potential leads. So make visual replies in the form of reels to reach wider audiences, resulting in greater reach.

#4. Get Creators

Instagram is efficiently working on introducing new features and inbuilt tools to help brands connect with creators. Generally, Instagram users add brands to their lists based on their interests. 

So, when brands search for the creator to combine, the users having the type of your brand appears in the top list. This feature provides an easy way to find creators who already show interest in your brand. In addition, brands can also filter creators based on follower count, age, gender, and location. With the filtering option, you can get the right creator to organize your campaigns in a proper way.

#5. Auto-Captions In Stories

Some users on Instagram watch stories by muting the sound. So the caption sticker becomes a game-changer on Instagram stories. Using this feature automatically converts the voice of the story video into text which helps the users watch videos without playing sound. 

The caption sticker feature on Instagram helps engage with audiences who watch videos with and without sound. Therefore, utilizing the feature on stories makes your content more accessible to audiences.

#6. Add Yours Feature

You would recently have come up with the ‘Add Yours’ feature while browsing Instagram stories. But how does it work? ‘Add Your’ is a trending feature on stories that came up recently and captured excessive response. When one of your followers uses this feature and shares content with their story, you can respond to their story by creating your own spin similar to it. 

Therefore, the ‘Add Yours’ feature levels up your interaction with your followers. Due to higher response, this feature acts as a trend or challenges as on TikTok. Also, it is best for marketers to get new conversions and explore their creativity.

#7. Collabs

Instagram keeps on testing new features that help users to enhance their reach among wider audiences. There is an exciting and new feature under testing which allows it to combine with the content of other Instagram users. After using the collabs feature, the post you share appears on both the profiles and can share the content’s comments, likes, and views count.

The collabs feature helps brands to a greater extent because it helps to partner with influencers to enhance brand awareness.


Instagram continuously evolves with brand new features and updates that help marketers to improve their popularity and reach. However, the above features show that Instagram is coming up with new updates to make your marketing strategy successful.

The growth of TikTok never stops evolving its popularity. It makes an engaging platform for young audiences to show their presence in a more entertaining way. With nearly one billion active users, the popularity of the TikTok application has become one of the top social media networks.

Luckily, TikTok provides the top priority for brands and marketers to advertise their products among wider audiences. In 2016, TikTok provided only a limited feature to run ads that display between videos on the For You page. But as TikTok grows, the advertising options for brands and businesses also increase with the introduction of ‘Spark Ads’ in 2021.

Are you now curious to find out the features of Spark ads? Let’s start exploring the benefits of TikTok Spark ads to achieve your marketing goals.

What Are Spark Ads?

Do you wish your brand to be part of publishing organic user-generated content? Well, TikTok Spark ads give you the solution! 

Spark ads are the latest advertising format on TikTok that enables businesses and brands to attract potential users. These are short and creative videos displayed in between audiences’ For You page, which appear like organic videos with good content. The beauty of TikTok Spark ads is that it offers two best choices for publishing:

  • TikTok offers you to publish your own videos on your account
  • The other is to find the organic posts from other content creators along with their authorization.

So, TikTok offers new opportunities for brands to level up their presence and increase conversions with strong customer relationships.

Why Is TikTok Spark Ads So Effective?

The audience engagement on TikTok Spark ads is higher than the normal ads. So, the Spark ads become an effective tool to increase brand awareness among your target users. The main reason for the popularity of Spark ads rather than other TikTok ads types, is that Spark ads allow brands to utilize the existing content with less budget. Moreover, there are huge benefits to run Spark ads, which streams below:

1. Grab Influencer Creativity

Spark ads offer the easiest way to combine with potential influencers and benefit from their creativity. Use their skills and creativity to prepare engaging and exciting content, which results in excessive reach for your organic content. So, the influencers’ creativeness helps users to engage with their brand while creating Spark ads.

2. Boost Your Best Content

If your published video on TikTok performs well with great user engagement, Spark ads provide you an extra boost to your well-performing content. The particular video will reach greater audiences and expand the return on investment for running ads. As a result, your best content continues its success with its increased reach.

3. Increase Leads And Sales

The Spark ads on TikTok contain an option to include a CTA button that helps to generate potential leads and increase sales with improved traffic. TikTok offers an option to link your website or other landing pages with Spark ads to increase the conversion rate smoothly.

4. Target Potential Audiences

The best feature of TikTok ads is to target and find your potential audiences to your content. Publishing great content tends to increase the growth of people showing interest in your content. If you feel it is a slow process, you could move on to purchase real TikTok likes for your videos to make your brand grow faster. Also, running Spark ads ensures grabbing the people who are more likely interested in your content. Therefore, go on the right track with the correct stats to get potential audiences.

5. Achieve Marketing Goals

Apart from other TikTok ads, Spark ads offer a versatile type of content to the audiences to achieve your marketing goal. The goals may differ according to the business type, which may be improving brand awareness, promoting a new product, or increasing lead generation. Therefore, Spark ads will be flexible enough to promote your brand by achieving your objective.

Wrapping Up

Spark ads on TikTok are an excellent feature to increase your sales with potential leads. Moreover, it drives up to 50% of conversions for a brand with the right target audiences. With the above benefits of TikTok Spark ads, succeed in your business and enhance your popularity.