9 Social Media Video Ideas For Your Brand Growth

Social video is an excellent medium for showcasing content in a fashion that is both extremely engaging and animated. Furthermore, many users of social media platforms increasingly anticipate that marketers to connect with them using videos.

On social media, users have access to an enormous variety of videos to watch. 

1. Explainers

YouTube has developed into something that is far more than just a platform for sharing videos. In addition to being the most popular website for watching videos, it also functions as a search engine. Individuals often use YouTube as a resource for getting their information. Videos that explain a topic can shed light on that topic based on the presenter’s opinion or understanding of the topic. Users may find these movies helpful in simplifying difficult concepts or emerging trends.

In most cases, the purpose of an explanation video is to provide viewers with a concise and accurate explanation of a topic. They contain information on a variety of topics and may also be intended to educate, inspire, or even in some cases terrify viewers into taking action.

2. Instructions and Guidance

These are short videos that provide an explanation on how to use a product, how to make something, or how to carry out specific activities. These kinds of videos, which are also known as walkthroughs, typically involve a presenter who is able to illustrate exactly how to use a product or service, and who can lead the viewer through some of the most important features and benefits of the product or service. The DMI YouTube channel features a number of playlists, one of the most popular of which is titled “How to.”

3. Interviews and Question-and-Answer Videos

Interview and question-and-answer videos are a terrific method to engage your audience by providing them with unique and informative material, as well as to assist convey information about the field in which you operate and your areas of expertise. You may produce videos in which you interview people who are thought leaders and influencers in your field, members of your team, or even customers.

Even if you could prepare the questions on your own, an even better way to keep your audience interested would be to collect the questions they have. Create some sort of announcement in advance, and then use social media to collect their questions.

4. Unseen Footage and Audio

By the use of genuine and interesting behind-the-scenes videos (also known as “BTS” videos), you may give folks a peek of what it’s like working behind the scenes. These videos are ideal for highlighting the culture of your company and recognising the individuals who are responsible for the success of your brand. They have the potential to assist you in humanising your brand, constructing trust, and enhancing your connection with the audience.

You might give your audience tours of your office space, or you could take them behind the scenes during an event that you are a part of.

5. Difficulties

The typical format for challenge videos is a participant recording themselves completing a well-known task, after which they share the video online and encourage others to attempt the same challenge. Videos of challenges have a good potential of getting viral, particularly on a platform like as TikTok, which is the social network that is developing at the quickest rate of all time.

Dances, pranks, practical jokes, and tricks have a tendency to spread quickly, particularly when they use a famous dance tune as audio or a hashtag that is currently trending in conversation. These videos are the result of a group effort, and in some cases they are quite entertaining.

6. Recaps

The content of recap videos typically consists of the host or hosts talking about a certain topic, which is typically related to various types of media such as comic books, video games, television series, or movies. This style is used by several television networks to help promote high-profile television shows or movies. For illustration purposes, a panel might talk on the most recent episode of a well-known television show.

7. Playthroughs of Games

Play Thru videos, which are often referred to as “Let’s Play” videos, are most commonly linked with the industry of video games. The author of the content plays a video game while the audience watches and listens to him or her explain what is happening on the screen.

Play Through videos can provide additional information on how a video game was developed, which is why video game companies frequently urge their developers to create these films.

8. Transmissions of Live Events

Live Broadcasts are videos that involve a conversation, performance, or virtual event that is aired live. These broadcasts can take place in real time or virtually. Examples of this type of report include an interview, an announcement, a news broadcast, or a report on an event that is now taking place. . Customers gained more faith in the live streaming format as a growing number of audience were required to be broadcast online.

9. Reviews

Review videos are videos in which the creator of the video evaluates a new product that they believe their audience will find interesting. They are a way for both novices and professionals to voice their opinion on a service or good.

It’s common practise for companies to give creators early access to new items and seek for feedback in exchange. It should come as no surprise that a company wants a positive review! Review videos frequently involve a procedure called “unboxing,” in which the user enthusiastically removes the product from its packing and discusses their thoughts with the viewer on all of the various aspects of how the product is presented.

Consider which combination of video formats would be most effective for promoting your business as you work on establishing your social video strategy.