8 New Video Ideas For Social Media Posts

Maintain sincerity. After the Credits Reels. Seek out people who would be interested in what you have to offer. Put a goat to death. Perhaps those qualities helped you stand out a year ago but no longer do.

Social media is busier than ever because over half of Generation Z is “constantly online” (46%), with Millennials like me not too far behind.

Just because you join TikTok, post frequently, or perfect Reels transitions doesn’t mean you’ll succeed. Brands that want to expand in 2018 should focus on being creative, likeable, and practical.

Here are the best alternatives to those activities that you may do on social media.

1. Authentic audio should be used in Reels.

Discover a popular audio clip from Reels, turn it into a Reel, gain thousands of new Instagram followers, and then do it all over again.

In other words, those times are passed. While using Michael’s voice from The Office in an Instagram caption might not bring in many new followers, it could increase your existing following. The year 2023, however, will be remembered for its groundbreaking audio.

Instead, you could come up with your own comedic sketches or, for the easiest Reel possible, you could just improvise. You, on camera, addressing questions from clients.

2. Use YouTube Shorts to publish instructional videos

Quick images and a clear goal are what draw viewers in to how-to YouTube Shorts. If you want to sell anything, you need to demonstrate to your potential customers how to utilise it, whether that’s the “standard” manner or a more novel use.

Providers, please provide your most effective sales email script or software lesson so that others may also achieve rapid success with your offerings.

YouTube Tutorials are a great resource for:

  1. Get more people to sign up.
  2. Discover what your target audience cares about most by doing quick experiments.

3. The first in a series

Rather than recycling old hashtagging trends like “#ThrowbackThursday” and “#SundayFunday,” try coming up with your own daily or weekly series. It will help you save time and effort in the long run while also being more creative than anything else you’ve tried.

With the framework and concept of your series already established, you won’t have to waste time coming up with three fresh article ideas every week. If you want to maximize your productivity, it’s best to keep a running list of all your ideas and either choose one to shoot each week or film and plan everything in bulk a month or more in advance.

YouTube is a great platform for in-depth instructional programmes. Create a YouTube playlist and provide a link to it in the video’s description to keep viewers engaged.

You may benefit from a content series by:

  • Create excitement for an impending release or event.
  • Give convincing proof of your competence.
  • Maintain a regular publication schedule.

4. Fund user-generated media.

Although user-generated content (UGC) has been around for a while, now is the time to get on board. User-generated content (UGC) is similar to influencer marketing in that it relies on the participation of individuals other than the company itself in its creation; however, unlike influencer marketing, UGC often originates from genuine, unpaid users.

So what? According to research, users are more likely to engage with user-generated content (UGC) than brand-created material. True authenticity is a powerful selling point.

Build a hashtag and encourage your audience to use it so you can showcase their content.

Have a little following right now? Don’t worry; genuineness is also for sale. The year 2023 is the year of the user-generated content creator: Humans are being paid to simulate customer-generated content.

User-generated content (UGC) is useful since it:

Spread the word about your wares without coming off as pushy.
Collect a variety of resources for use in social media posts and other projects. Take Wayfair’s lead and provide a variety of home design styles and images of individuals of all races and ethnicities utilising your items.

5. Always go for the simplest solution.

Icy take: when it comes to ideas for social media posts, some companies are fortunate than others.

As an example, what kind of material has widespread acclaim across the board, independent of language, geography, culture, demography, or interests?

6. Videos of cute animals

The San Diego Zoo doesn’t put too much thought into its social media material. They provide people cute animal movies because they know people would watch them. As simple as that, it often is.

Create a collection of work by other people,

That content curating is still popular is excellent news. The quality of your original posts is what keeps readers coming back, but regularly sharing interesting articles from other sources may increase your audience and boost engagement.

To ensure that you never run out of content to post, schedule time each week to perform strategic content curation.

Naturally, the content you publish must be pertinent to your company and reflect your typical brand language and tone. This piece from Adobe’s Chief Product Officer is just one example of how you may share news about the industry or media features written by your staff.

7. Accept and utilize memes

Since there will always be something to be sorry about, humor will never go out of vogue. Create a little levity for your listeners, eh?

It’s probably a good idea to clear particularly fiery content with legal compliance before releasing it. We warned you, so don’t complain.
Your life will improve because to memes because:
Get more attention by capitalising on the latest viral memes.
Put on an air of calm confidence. (Intended as humour. That’s awesome that you’re so cool. Memes are the engaging way to get your point across.

8. Throw down a gauntlet

Challenges are a light-hearted approach to increasing participation, attracting user-generated content (UGC), and gently promoting your brand.

For some companies, the potential for a challenge is more apparent than for others. Monthly photography and video contests are Nikon’s bread and butter. As an example, if you produce paper cups, you may need to go on a brainstorming session.

Taking up challenges might be beneficial because:

Motivate your listeners to take some sort of action by providing them with useful information or inspiration.
Don’t leave any gaps in your editorial schedule. As part of your content curation strategy, consider showcasing the efforts of your audience.