How To Promote Your Brand With Instagram Stories?

Everyone on Instagram shares their own unique and entertaining stories. Perhaps you, too, are using Instagram Stories to spread the word about your company. You may have noticed how appealing Instagram stories are if you’ve looked at those of your friends. Before you know it, you’ve checked practically every friend’s story!

You can see how many people went on to read the following article after reading yours by visiting the Instagram Business Insights. Marketing your company on Instagram Stories is a great idea because of the platform’s large user base and the high probability of users clicking on the links you post there.
Here are 14 creative and effective methods to raise awareness of your company and encourage people to interact with it using Instagram stories:

Story Highlights

The Instagram story highlights feature is a game-changer. Highlights provide users a glimpse of what’s been happening in their lives recently. If a business, however, pins your tales to the top of your profile, they essentially become an additional part of your bio. Instagram highlights are a great way to introduce yourself and your brand to new followers. With the help of an engaging and visually appealing cover story, your Instagram page may take on the appearance of a professional brochure. Using eye-catching covers can help to keep readers engaged for longer.


Instagram stories are a great place to showcase company updates since they can be posted and viewed very quickly. New goods, services, team members, and other announcements can be made.

You may let folks know what you’re up to in the background by giving them updates on the company’s progress. What you won’t see in your feeds is this information. This will help your followers feel like they are receiving the most recent information about your business and will also allow you to introduce yourself to a whole new group of people.


Instagram is an excellent venue for connecting companies with influential users. You can form partnerships with other companies whose products or services you think your audience will enjoy. Another option is to work with a client who is also a key opinion leader.

Please be aware that some of these partnerships may include compensation, especially if they involve influential people. When planning an Instagram story, it’s important to consider how the collaboration will benefit your brand from the different angles it might take.


The days of tedious consumer surveys are long gone. Now is the time to make fun pools and tap for instant replies. You can easily get in touch with your Instagram audience by including polls in your stories. Polls may be used for a variety of purposes, including market research, consumer feedback, audience knowledge, and entertainment.

The options for making engaging polls are practically limitless. You need to come up with a unique advertising campaign for your company.


When creating an Instagram story, you may add a question sticker to your post. You can use this stiker to solicit answers to any topic you choose, or to open the floor to queries from your listeners. This is a fantastic tool for fostering group cohesion and stimulating client participation.

You may demonstrate your interest in your consumers’ thoughts by asking them pertinent questions, and you can boost your company’s reputation as trustworthy and worthy of their devotion by having them answer your inquiries on your behalf.

Response Scale

Instagram’s slider sticker is a great way to get your followers involved with your stories and have some fun while doing it.

If you’ve just updated any of your material and would want feedback from your followers, you might, for instance, include a slider sticker in your latest Instagram story and ask for a rating. Using this method can help boost participation levels.

While the majority of slider sticker uses involve heart eyes, the sticker may be put to many other imaginative uses on Instagram stories.


Instagram Stories has added a countdown function. This sticker may be used to advertise upcoming events, contests, or product releases.

Your customers may tell you how interested they are by the number of reminders they make for the countdown’s final deadline.


You need at least 10,000 followers on Instagram to access the links function. You can include external links in your Instagram stories if your business account has 10,000 or more followers.

Except for your bio, you are not allowed to provide active links on Instagram. Even if people don’t always read your profile, they’ll almost certainly check out your Instagram story because it’s so convenient, especially if you highlight a really useful link there. If you include a link in your story, it will take viewers to Instagram’s built-in browser.

Concluding Remarks

The aforementioned are only a few of the numerous possible features and stickers for your Instagram stories. In a perfect world, you could look at every Instagram story sticker and plan out how to utilise it in your next tale. The story performance function on Instagram allows you to see how well your stories are doing. Get your creative juices flowing, keep sharing your experiences, and monitor the results to see what works best for your company’s brand.