Here Are The Top Nonprofits On Instagram

Instagram’s popularity as a learning tool, source of inspiration, and gateway to previously inaccessible groups has resulted in over two billion monthly users accessing the website on a daily basis(1).

Instagram’s popularity among charitable organisations stems from its versatility as a social media marketing tool, as well as its photo-editing allure. Since many members of Generation Z and Millennials are active Instagram users, reaching out to them there can be very effective.

How do the most successful nonprofits on Instagram get noticed?

While there is no shortage of social media instances and marketing strategies for nonprofits in the modern era, here is a quick checklist to remind you of the essentials when growing your Instagram following.

  • Create a company presence on Instagram and benefit from the analytics and expanded reach that come with it.
  • Utilize Instagram’s various story formats (stories, clips, and lives) to your advantage by posting a variety of live videos, interesting posts, and timely updates.
  • Optimize your content by making use of Instagram’s contribution icon and donation stickers to make your posts more engaging and successful.
  • Carefully select a group of 5-7 hashtags that best capture the essence of your brand and purpose and will allow you to effectively communicate with your target audience.
  • Feature your donation website or online funding activities directly on your page to direct visitors to take action.
  • Create an effective content strategy by giving careful consideration to how each piece of content will contribute to the overall narrative and openness of your charity.
  • Recruit influential users and organisations to help spread the word about your cause on social media.

Instagram Accounts to Follow That Do Good

Giving Back: H2O

The @charitywater Instagram account showcases the charity’s work to improve people’s lives by providing access to pure water. We appreciate how the organisation shows the tangible impact of its funding efforts through photographs of the people they have assisted. Visitors to the Instagram page can see firsthand where their donations are making a difference, strengthening their emotional link to the cause.

The Instagram account for the nonprofit charity water uses a variety of forms to appeal to a wide audience by playing on the strength of feeling. The team carefully crafts loops, carousel pieces, and story highlights that hook viewers immediately, like the one below, which is permanently affixed to the top of its grid.

The International Food Center

The @wckitchen Instagram account regularly posts photos and videos that highlight the scope of the problems the organisation is trying to address. With just a few scrolls down their homepage, site visitors can see the tangible results of the organisation’s efforts in local areas all over the globe.

New followers are kept interested and informed through Instagram clips in which team members talk directly to the camera about the urgent situations they hurry to support. Videos like the one below speak for themselves and add a personal touch to people’s online encounters.

Hope in a Pencil

The mission of the charity organisation Pencils of Promise is to establish long-term educational programmes in underprivileged areas of Laos, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. You can find out more about its initiatives and the individuals who have benefited from them by following its Instagram account, which goes by the handle @pencilsofpromise. The organisation shows you the real ideal your contributions will make possible by displaying photographs of individual children along with their aspirations for the future.

Zoo in Minnesota

The @mnzoo Instagram account is brimming with character because each animal in care is given a time to flourish. The Instagram feed includes a community where users can share photos of cute animals, learn about the care these creatures require, and meet the zookeepers who devote their lives to these animals.

Clinic in Cleveland

Learn a lot from @clevelandclinic’s informative Instagram posts. The content of each article is dense, but the author takes a friendly, approachable tone. The Cleveland Clinic obviously understands its target demographic and uses that knowledge to increase interest and esteem.

You can develop relationships with your audience and keep them as devoted donors through the use of reels like the one we’ve highlighted below.


The Instagram account of TWLOHA features inspirational quotes and artistic photos. We appreciate how it takes a gentler approach to delivering crucial lessons about emotional well-being and rehabilitation.

The Instagram account @twloha takes these words and makes them tangible by promoting products with inspiring quotes on the front that fans can buy to show their support.

America’s Oxfam

Users are encouraged to engage in deep discussions with their networks through the platform’s distinctive use of hashtags and infographic-style uploads. The article below is great because the information is laid out in a way that is simple to understand. As a result, its popularity and audience size both rise.


The @eatlearnplay Instagram account was created by Stephen and Ayesha Curry to bring lightheartedness to a serious topic. The bright feed and the useful information provided by humane articles that put the focus on children makes us feel good.

Instagram’s Potential for Charity Organizations

Instagram and other social media sites are great ways for nonprofits to reach new audiences because of their emphasis on narrative. Be wary of drawing parallels between strategies and their respective audiences. Reaching the right people who are passionate and eager to make a change for your cause requires staying true to your purpose and beliefs and maintaining a constant posting cadence.