4 Effective Instagram Marketing Video Ideas For Your Brand

This article will teach you how to make 12 different types of engaging marketing films. These suggestions can help you get the ball rolling on promotional films for your company.

We’ll then examine many of our preferred video formats from the aforementioned list, discussing their advantages and providing advice on how to make the most of them.
Video plays a significant role at every stage of the client life cycle, from initial exposure through loyal, lifelong patronage.

However, not every promotional film is a good fit for every company. I was relieved to see that Vidyard has an excellent infographic outlining the many marketing video options available to you, as well as which ones may be most appropriate for your particular company. You may find it down below.

The purpose of this infographic by Vidyard is to demonstrate the variety of B2B (Business to Business) videos available and how they might affect the buyer’s journey.

But I think many of these marketing movies are also appropriate for B2C Customers (business to customer), so it’s important to all of us.

Depending on the stage your company is in, the scope of your video production, and your available resources, different considerations will apply to each of these video formats. The success of a video might depend on a number of factors, including its price, quality, duration, and distribution.

Vidyard’s infographic breaks these considerations down into four categories to aid your decision making:

where the various sorts of videos excel in terms of client retention
optimal video duration, and rough estimates of production costs and value
the best ways to get the word out about the video are
Here are some of the 12 Varieties of Marketing Videos Suggested by Vidyard, along with some Samples, Suggestions, and Resources:

4 Varieties of Promo Videos

Now that you have the infographic (and don’t forget to pin it later! ), I’ll give you some specific examples of the kinds of videos that I enjoy watching the most.

Keep in mind that the correct style of video, budget, and production-type for you may be effective for business-to-business and business-to-consumer ventures.
Let’s begin with the most common type of marketing video found on platforms like Facebook and YouTube: the “how-to.”

Tutorial Films

The variety of How-to videos is one of the reasons I enjoy watching them so much. The marketing films you make need just be a few seconds long.
If you’re just going to publish your marketing video to social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, you may skip the intro and outro altogether. Screencasts are a fantastic time-saving tool for developing content.

You should also see this video posted on Facebook by Cooker and a Looker. Amanda wanted to put into practise a tip she had heard online for quickly and easily husking maize.

She recorded video while trying out the exploit and afterwards edited it to add the black strip letterboxing effect, making it more shareable.

Video Explanations

Badly executed explanation videos are really frustrating to sit through. However, its brilliance lies in its execution. One of my all-time favourite, this does an excellent job of clarifying Blockchain, a concept that may be difficult to explain.

AdBank is an anti-fraud system built on the Blockchain. Even if you think crypto-currencies and the Blockchain are boring, you should still watch this. It’s executed superbly.
In my opinion, a successful explainer video is one that is both engaging and informative. Make sure your film is easy to follow and doesn’t try to jam too much information into a short amount of time.

Pay attention to the issue your company is solving, explain your solution (and how it works), and then ask for the sale.

The Slack app is another fave of mine. It’s a great model of a fun explanation video.

Video Display of Goods

The “Product Demo Video” produced by the firm “Monday” is exemplary. Like Trello, Asana, and Basecamp, Monday is a productivity tool.

Monday makes great promotional videos in my opinion. They are so entertaining that I’m tempted to abandon my current method in favour of using them. It’s not uncommon for me to finish one of their commercials before a video starts playing on YouTube since I enjoy it so much.

Whiteboard/Chalkboard Discussions

In that case, it would be impolite of me not to share Rand Fishkin’s Whiteboard Friday films with you. He can take a dry subject and turn it into something you can actually utilise, so you learn something every time.

He draws on a whiteboard, but he might just as easily use any other medium that aids in our education. The trick is to never count on it. Rand continues to present in front of a camera, simplifying complex concepts for our benefit.


Whew, there was a lot of video choices! Keep in mind that it is not necessary to utilise them all at once. Spend some time deciding which types of marketing films might perform best for your company, and then test out one. It may take some trial and error to find the most effective medium, but you now have several choices!