Instagram Marketing That Works: Tested Methods For Reaching A Wide Audience

There are 2 billion people using Instagram every month, all of whom are on the lookout for fresh, interesting material to consume.

However, it’s not simple to become an Instagram sensation. Fortunately, it is doable if you adhere to some tried-and-true guidelines.

First, recognise your target demographic.

If you know who you’re trying to reach on Instagram, you can produce content that will resonate with them and spread like wildfire.

Here are a few Instagram user profiling strategies to consider:

  • Learn who your ideal customers are. Get started with the information your organisation already has on your ideal customer profiles (ICPs) and buyer personas. Discover Instagram communities that are similar to your brand’s target demographic.
  • Examine the data that Instagram provides you. Check out the demographics of your Instagram followers if you’re already using the platform for promotional purposes. This will give you an idea of the types of individuals that are following you and commenting on your content. If you want to learn more about your Instagram followers, you may utilise Sprout Social’s reporting capabilities to do so.
  • Learn who your rivals’ customers are. Have no idea who to appeal to. Visit the Instagram pages of your rivals and analyse their audience. These folks are probably also part of your desired demographic.
  • Put social listening apps to use. Using a social listening platform like Sprout Social, you can keep tabs on online discussions involving your brand and specialty. Your target demographic and potential influencers for content promotion will become clearer as a result.
  • Once you know who you’re talking to on Instagram, you can focus on what they want to accomplish and how they spend their time. Investigate the people they follow and the content they like.

All of information will help you determine what kinds of posts will do well.

2. Be aware of current tendencies

Instagram is no exception to the rapid evolution of social media fashions. Viral content is created when marketers swiftly react to emerging trends.

Whether it’s increasing your video output, experimenting with fresh content forms, or updating your Reels with the hottest new tunes, you should never be too far behind the viral curve.

One such trend is the growing popularity of Instagram Reels, which are short, vertical videos similar to those popularised by TikTok.

3. Find your brand’s voice.

Being original and genuine is the best way to be noticed on Instagram.

This requires companies to have a distinct identity separate from competing brands. One that also strikes a chord with your intended readers and keeps reader interested in what you have to say.

BBC Earth is a great illustration of the success that can be achieved on Instagram by developing a distinct and imaginative brand voice.

4. Examine your own social media posts.

You should check your Instagram account for inconsistencies before implementing a new viral strategy to ensure that your postings and branding remain consistent.

It will also show you where you need to fill in before releasing fresh material. Perhaps you should improve on your captions. Or perhaps you need to update your bio and profile picture to better represent your brand.

If you want your future articles to do better, you need to solve the problems with your existing style, brand voice, and content.

5. Research your rivals

If you’re stuck for ideas for viral content, look to your rivals for inspiration. Find out what they are doing right by analysing their postings.

Sprout’s Instagram Competitors Report provides a centralised location for accessing, visualizing, and analysing this information.

6. Interact with different profiles

In order to stand out on Instagram, you need to interact with your followers. Your profile and content will be seen by more people as they continue to see them in their feeds and notifications.

Plus, consumers like companies who value them as unique individuals and go the extra mile to cater to them.

7. Reflect on your past successes with the help of analytics

Creating viral content is only one of many decisions that may be informed by analytics. As a result, the odds of success improved.

Take use of Instagram’s built-in statistics to monitor activity and growth in your audience. Find out what your audience like reading and what they don’t so you can improve your future content strategy.

8. Make copies of popular videos

You may locate material to replicate by browsing your feed, checking out viral posts in your niche, and following popular hashtags. Take a peek at our process for making a popular online video.

9. Join forces with a prominent figure

It might be difficult to become viral on your own, especially if you are unfamiliar with the platform or have a limited audience. Here is when the use of Instagram influencers comes in handy.

Working with well-known producers in your field may significantly increase the exposure of your work. You may collaborate with them to make content, or you can beg for reposts and mentions. Getting more people to view your work increases its potential for becoming viral.

10. Identify the optimal Instagram posting times.

People who follow you on Instagram have real lives outside of the app, including jobs and sleep schedules. To get the most interaction, you should publish when they have the least amount of distractions.

11. Maintain a regular posting schedule to expand your fan base.

To gain a substantial following and reputation on a social media site, it’s not enough to just publish when it’s optimal.

If you post inconsistently or take extended intervals in between, fresh, eager fans may lose interest in your company. Keep yourself in their thoughts by consistently delivering high-quality material.

The more people look forward to being entertained or inspired by your brand, the better for your reputation and customer loyalty.