How To Gain More Following On Instagram?

Instagram is a vital platform for advertising due to its massive user base (1 billion monthly users and 500 million daily users of Instagram Stories). According to eMarketer, the number of people using Instagram, the second most downloaded free app, will increase from 100.5 million in 2018 to 120.3 million in 2023.

Although growing your Instagram following is important for every business, it is much more important to reach the people who are most likely to buy from or interact with your brand. Getting more Instagram followers is important, but you should also focus on getting the appropriate kind of followers.

Continue reading to find out how to use Instagram Insights to draw in a targeted audience and grow your business’s Instagram following. You’ll also learn how to optimise your Instagram profile in a way that’s consistent with your brand’s aesthetic, and how to attract the kind of followers who’ll help your business thrive.

How to Analyse Your Instagram Followers?

Instagram users who interact with your posts and click through to your company’s website are the ones you should focus on first. Understanding your engaged audience is crucial for growing your following.

If you have a business account on Instagram, you can use the free analytics tool Instagram Insights to learn more about your audience and how they interact with your profile. Instagram Insights allows you to assess the performance of your profile, content, stories, and ads. You can easily track the success of individual Instagram posts, evaluate the efficacy of advertising initiatives, and evaluate different forms of Instagram content.
If you convert your personal account to a business account, you should know that Insights will only appear for content published after the conversion. You will also lose all of your Insights data if you ever revert to a personal account.

Insights on Instagram: How to Get There

Go to your Instagram business account page, and then tap the bar graph symbol in the top right corner of the screen to access your Audience Insight statistics. To see how well a specific post has done, visit it and select “View Insights.” You can access a certain article by tapping its name in the corner’s bottom left.

Information about your recent content publication history may be found in the primary Insights dashboard. Your follower growth and current total will be displayed. In addition, you’ll get knowledge of the following via graphs:

  • The sum of all views.
  • Get more profile views
  • Web page views
  • An engaged call to action

You may view the statistics by clicking “See more.” Follower attributes like gender, age range, top locations (cities and countries), and online times (hours/days) will be displayed on the screen. You may use this data to learn more about your audience and the times they are most engaged with your posts.

You may learn more about your target audience’s preferences and the best times to reach them by analysing the data. Then, you may design an Instagram posting schedule that mirrors your brand’s successful strategies.

Conduct and discuss a survey

Adding a contest or other promotion to an Instagram poll is a terrific way to get more insight into your audience and the kinds of material they find engaging. You can use a poll to find out what your followers think of a new product, how they would evaluate an existing one, or what they would like to see from you in terms of future offerings. You may also get them interested in your brand by having them take a quiz on some relevant topic. Offering a reward for participation can encourage more people to share their thoughts.

Branding Your Instagram Profile With Captions, Images, and Stories

Making the most of Instagram may boost your company’s visibility and help you connect with customers who share your passions. Your customers will gain a better understanding of your company’s offerings if your profile provides as much information as possible. This will help you gain customers who are interested in what you have to offer.

Your company is one of a kind; capitalise on that fact by emphasising your distinctive qualities. Establish your Instagram profile and other promotional materials around your main brand messages.

Images and graphs

Make your brand more memorable by including eye-catching images and visuals. Feature real-life examples of your ideal customer. Make sure the images are consistent with your brand’s aesthetic.

In other words, do you promote your company with shots of people in action, or do you utilise pictures of people smiling broadly in a soft focus? Maintain cohesion in your visual style by using the same photographs, layout, and typefaces throughout.

The Value of Landing Page Gated Content

To generate leads and build in-depth profiles of your target audience, you can have respondents fill out entry forms on your Woobox landing page.

Your email marketing lists will always be current if you use Woobox entry forms and require respondents to enter their email address. This data may be delivered directly to your account with Constant Contact or MailChimp.

To access an incentive on Instagram, users must first fill out an admission form, which is what we mean by “gated content.”