The Definitive Step-By-Step Strategy To Gaining Instagram Followers (Without Buying Followers)

Eighty percent of the one billion users are a part of at least one company profile. Many companies are motivated to increase their social media following after being impressed by Instagram’s user base growth. We’ve all been there, and we’ve all seen companies overreact when they reach 10,000 followers. But why do certain company pages get thousands of followers while others struggle to get even a thousand? This post will show you how to gradually and naturally increase your Instagram following.

When it comes to social media, why do consumers follow brands?

The effectiveness of your profile hinges on how you respond to this question. Knowing one’s intended audience is the first step in building an effective social media presence.

Users are more interested in the brand’s advertising (50.8%) than their products (73.4%), however 73.4% are interested in the product itself (58.8%). People are more likely to follow a company if its profile is interesting and can be easily communicated with. Another reason people might interact with companies is if their friends do.

Inorganic vs organic expansion

There is a strong allure towards outsourcing and paying for participation. But believe us when we say that you will never gain from achieving phoney growth.

You might be wondering how having a few thousand false followers could possibly hurt you, rather than merely raising your profile’s visibility and letting you add more clickable links to your articles.

An obvious downgrade to your social media marketing efforts, fake growth negatively affects metrics like engagement, reach, discovery, and more.

Instructions for Getting More Followers on Instagram Naturally

Instagram content strategy first involves planning, production, and optimisation.
Over time, your content strategy will adapt to reflect the shifting norms of your target audience. However, achieving marketing objectives requires a distinct short-term plan. Think about what you want your profile to say about your company and how you want to say it. The intended audience will be drawn in by this method.

The second step is to develop your own style and tone.

The popular Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks is now on advertising. As a result, they are bringing the colours of fall to their diet in preparation for the season. It grabs your attention, represents Starbucks’ brand, and makes you want to buy the beverage.

There is something special with every profile. Create your own! Create a personable profile that resonates with your target market, and don’t bother them with constant pitches for your services; instead, encourage open, uninhibited discussion.

Third, always be consistent.

Lack of a regular posting schedule is detrimental to engagement. Instagram’s feed is constantly updated depending on a user’s interaction history, although the algorithm is rather complicated.

If you want more Instagram followers, the worst thing you can do is upload material whenever you feel like it. To avoid losing the first users that followed you, it’s important to keep in regular contact with them.

Maintain a consistent rate of publishing. The Instagram algorithm heavily rewards active accounts. Feed, Stories, IGTV, and Reels are all viable options, and you may post whenever you like and in any format you choose. By raising the total interaction your posts receive, consistent publishing increases their visibility.

Fourth, learn Instagram’s algorithm for boosting interaction.

Almost daily, Instagram adds new features. The Instagram algorithm does as well. It’s designed to be user-friendly, so Instagram will prioritise content from accounts with which you actively engage. When a person opens Instagram, the posts they see are determined by an algorithm.

Instagram’s algorithm is a closely guarded secret. However, Instagram’s algorithm can be influenced by things like:

  • User interaction with your content is measured by likes, comments, bookmarks, and shares.
  • Punctuality: You know that consistency is the key to success. The length of the session is also significant.
  • Depending on a user’s preferences and past interactions with postings, the algorithm will prioritise displaying similar content in the future.
  • Based on the user’s established relationships, the algorithm prioritises content from those accounts with which the user engages most frequently.
  • Profile searches: how often a person looks for specific types of accounts.


The work put into expanding your Instagram following will return dividends in the form of improved brand awareness, closer relationships with consumers, and, ultimately, more sales. For various reasons, 80% of the network’s 1 billion users follow a business profile. You want to maximise the incentives for your followers to believe you. You may use social media to become a true superhero!

It’s human nature to want to take the easy way out sometimes as a business owner or marketer and purchase followers without fully considering the long-term implications. Creating a false impression of credibility is not recommended. The greatest way to ensure a steady and sustainable expansion is to cultivate an engaged fan base.

Keep an eye on your data with the aid of’s reports, create engaging content for your followers by making full use of Instagram’s tools, and do your very best by following our advice.