How To Boost Engagement On Instagram?

Trying to find a strategy to rise to the top of Instagram search results? Perhaps you want to collaborate with specific pages or creators and will use the search function to locate them. Regardless of your objective, mastering Instagram search will get you there faster.

Instagram Search and Its Functions

Instagram is always becoming better, with bug fixes and new features being added often. The search function, for instance, has seen major upgrades over time. Previously, only usernames and hashtags containing the exact keywords you entered would be returned when searching by keywords alone. This function has recently been upgraded to include provide results that are contextually relevant to the query.

Photos and videos connected to crocheting will appear in a search for the word “crochet,” even if the post doesn’t explicitly include the hashtag. If you want to find information relating to a topic but don’t know a specific hashtag or username, this upgrade is a huge assistance.
Similarly, this revision improves your content’s visibility in related search results. You don’t need to use precise hashtags for Instagram to expose your posts to those looking for content relating to your expertise.

Instagram has also updated their search function so that users may filter their results by category. The most relevant blog entries will be displayed on the primary search results page. You may refine your search by using the filters provided to see just the accounts that fit your criteria. Accounts having “crochet” in their profile name, username, or bio would fit the bill in the aforementioned scenario.

What factors determine Instagram’s search rankings?

You may be wondering how Instagram determines its search rankings. Getting to the top of relevant Instagram search results requires mastering Instagram SEO, therefore this is a great question to ask.

Instagram’s search function is designed to help you locate profiles and material that piques your interest. The search engine’s algorithm uses your query to determine how to rank results. This implies it will prioritise material and accounts depending on signals gleaned from your activities. If you enter a keyword, for instance, you’re far more likely to see results from accounts you already follow that are relevant to that term than from accounts with whom you haven’t engaged.

Searching for Words

The text you type into the search field is the most significant indicator. Instagram analyses the text to find users, captions, profiles, hashtags, and locations that are associated with it. That way, it can provide you with search results that are more pertinent to your needs.

If you conduct a search for “crafts,” for instance, you will be presented with accounts that include the word “crafts” somewhere in their username or profile name. Or, if you’re talking about posts, it’ll show you stuff that has that keyword somewhere in the post’s description or its hashtags.

Your Actions

Then, it takes into account activity-related signals to tailor the outcomes to your specific tastes. Instagram will take into consideration who you’ve been following, what you’ve been viewing, and how you’ve engaged with profiles in the past. As a result, it gives more weight to the accounts and hashtags with which you actively engage rather than those with which you don’t.

In the aforementioned scenario, accounts that you already follow that are linked to crafting will appear first in the search results. Even if you don’t follow any accounts yourself, you’ll be able to see who your followers are following.


Last but not least, it considers popularity signals when ranking queries with many possible outcomes. The amount of likes, views, clicks, shares, and followers of an account, location, or hashtag are all examples of such popularity signals. As a consequence, Instagram will place the post higher in the search results if more people interact with it.

Verified crafting accounts and related accounts with millions of followers will also be prioritised in the aforementioned case. This is because Instagram prioritises accounts with a large number of followers and active users.

How to Get More Likes and Followers on Instagram?

One of the first steps you should take to expand your Instagram following is to boost your profile’s exposure. That’s why it’s important to focus on increasing your Instagram profile’s visibility in appropriate queries. Here are a few pointers to help you get to the top of relevant Instagram search results.

Perfect Your Profile

This is the place to begin, as Instagram’s search function correlates query terms with user names and bios. Check over your existing profile to see if it may be improved by adding in some well-chosen keywords.

To begin, think about your username and profile name; are there any keywords you might apply there? As a designer, you have a lot of room to try out different approaches, therefore this may be simpler.

Make the most of your captions

Keep in mind that Instagram uses the caption to determine which posts should be matched with which search phrases. This implies that you should use the targeted keywords as inspiration for the captions you make. You should include the keywords you want to rank for in the caption copy or as hashtags, and make sure the captions are informative enough to provide the audience context.

Time your updates properly

You may recall that Instagram uses signs of popularity to determine how to order results in search. Getting a lot of people to interact with your content is a great approach to increase those signals. But the timing has to be just right for that to happen.

If your post doesn’t garner a lot of attention in the first few minutes, it’s likely to get lost in the sea of newer, trendier posts. The most important thing is to get people talking as soon as your piece is live. Therefore, you should release your posts at times when your target audience is most likely to read and interact with them.