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8 Effective Ways to Use Instagram TV To Promote Your Business

I’m a massive believer in experimenting with new technology, particularly those that have the potential to have a significant influence on our daily lives, such as IGTV. As a result, I knew I couldn’t ignore Instagram’s announcement of IGTV. They are essentially competing with YouTube, & what is astonishing and frightening is that Instagram has grown to 1 billion users since its inception in 2010. In comparison, YouTube has 1.9 billion subscribers, founded in 2005.

What on earth is IGTV?

It is an acronym for Instagram Television. If you’ve not seen it all in action yet, you can now establish your channel within the Instagram application or watch through a separate IGTV app or on your PC/Mac. You may immediately begin publishing vertical videos, yes, native vertical videos. It makes perfect sense, given everything that we do on the phone is in portrait or vertical format. The applications we use, the messages we send, the texts we get, the podcast we listen to, and the books we read — everything is in vertical mode; that is how our smartphones operate. And we are entirely reliant on our cellphones! According to a blog article,

1. There are nearly 3.5 billion unique users of mobile as of August 2017. Statista

2. On average, users spend 69 percent of the median time on their cellphones

3. By 2020, mobile devices will account for 80% of worldwide internet usage. Zenith

4. Individuals spend 50% of their time on digital media on smartphone applications.

That is insane!

With this in mind, I feel that Instagram — AKA Facebook now that they control it — and their decision to develop IGTV are pretty prudent. How can you make the most of IGTV? It’s effortless to use, and videos don’t have to be as ‘finished’ as they have become for many YouTube companies, influencers, and content creators. Still, they can seem rawer over Instagram stories.

Approach your actions strategically

IGTV may or may not be the medium for you, but it’s worth a shot if you currently publish content. You film them on your phone and then edit them with a video editor to improve their appearance or add more footage & music before uploading them directly to IGTV from your phone. Also, one of the perfect ways to use it is to buy IGTV likes for your Instagram handle easily.

I strongly advise you to concentrate your efforts on the following using IGTV:

1. Always add value — through insight, advice, strategy, or wisdom — by adding a personal touch. Give, give, and give some more.

2. If you are not in the mood or prepared for 1, then amuse others by bringing pleasure, laughter, and happiness into their life.

3. Increase awareness of what you do by introducing yourself and telling them who you serve & why you do what you do.

4. Showcase your work in a lighthearted manner and have others do this for you- I’ve already seen video testimonials and comments from consumers in the form of video interviews.

5. Repurpose your work – utilize it to immediately broadcast his podcast, while others are modifying or just placing their horizontal films into a vertical background.

6. Stand out – combine your Instagram stories into one fascinating video with music.

7. Treat it as if it were a Facebook live, then share your video afterward on your Facebook account or group for further interaction.

8. Always add a call to action (CTA) that directs them to your website, products, or a type of information where they can learn more.

I hope this has provided you with some insight into how to use this new tool properly.

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