4 Powerful Backlink Building Strategies For Your Ecommerce Store

Is it worth it to put money into creating backlinks? Many business or e-commerce site owners pose this query to optimizers because they are unsure whether or not the investment is worthwhile. Site rankings still take into account factors such as exterior optimisation. It’s useful for spreading the word about the resource and reaching larger targets like generating revenue, getting more applications, expanding your clientele, etc.

It’s important to pay extra consideration when constructing backlinks for overseas domains. If you want to see actual results, you need to give careful consideration to each stage of link building. Get penalised by the search engines if you overdo it just a little. You’ve made a bad decision, as the site will only bring in a bunch of people who aren’t really interested. (or nothing at all).

Four tried-and-true methods for expanding your e-commerce website’s link profile

Provide Valuable Information

Create an online journal. And not just a collection of words; rather, pieces that the target audience will find both informative and engaging. Including thematic content is recommended, particularly for intricate niches.

In a jewellery shop, for instance, this has allowed for the addition of a new section featuring helpful accessories. Here, the fundamentals of diamonds are discussed, and the company’s one-of-a-kind manufacturing processes are outlined in great depth.

A website like this is extremely helpful to other sites in the same niche. The settings can be anything from weddings to style websites. References to quality content are frequently found in other works. Good traffic is easy to come by if you just have enough good material.

Make sure to highlight the brand

Find credible non-backlinked sources that mention your business. Tools like SEMrush and BuzzSumo can help you accomplish this. If you find a relevant website through your search, you can approach the webmaster to inquire about adding a link. Your site’s authority will increase and your link profile will strengthen as a result.
There are four primary categories of company mentions to examine:

  • References that are thematic rather than naming your business, product, or brand directly. They’re all connected thematically.
  • A name-dropping of a business or product brand that goes straight to the point. It’s possible to negotiate for a link inclusion, but only if the content is positive.
  • Food and grocery products are where you’ll find these references, not your business. You should attempt to get a backlink if the content is a good fit for your product.
  • Branded: If your website sells Gucci goods, for instance, you have an instant connection to one of the most recognisable and successful companies in the world. Providing links to your goods is as simple as visiting sites that use these or related terms.

Discount codes and affiliate promotion

Discounts are loved by everyone. Take a peek at the crowds waiting to get in on Black Friday. Use promotional tools like vouchers and price cuts to thank customers. There are a variety of ways to attract new consumers, including timing promotions with certain holidays.

You need to experiment with various discount structures and keep track of sales to figure out what works best. By comparing two or more alternatives, you can determine which ones are most likely to appeal to your target market.

Giveaways and contests

Discounts are great, but nothing beats complimentary stuff. Since your objective is to make a sale, the idea of holding a giveaway could seem counterproductive. However, if handled properly, it can serve as a powerful strategic tool for expanding customer knowledge of your product.

The website itself, social media, or collaboration with influential people (bloggers, celebs, etc.) are all viable venues for hosting a giveaway. In the latter scenario, picking the correct person who is popular with your ideal customers is crucial. Make it a condition of entering the giveaway that participants share the link to your website with their peers on the same social networks or instant messaging services.


To boost revenue, think outside the box and don’t settle for the tried and true. Try out different approaches to link building to see if you can boost performance while also fostering brand devotion, developing valuable relationships with customers, and enhancing your company’s image. Those who are involved in the international e-commerce industry will benefit greatly from the four link distribution methods presented today.